If diving is an activity that you really cannot do, snorkeling is really a good alternative. In this activity, you only need to do skin diving by wearing diving mask and also snorkel to help you breathe. Other than that, you need to wear fin so that you can move around more comfortably. There is no need to worry that you never do this activity before because the instructor will explain everything to you. Other than that, you will also be trained to breathe properly by using snorkel. If you are not able to swim, life vest will be given to you so that you can still enjoy snorkeling well because you will float on sea level. The beauty of Tanjung Benoa beach is so perfect for this kind of water activity. Moreover, the waves are not that big too. Doing snorkeling for an hour is more than enough to observe every single beauty available in there. In the meantime, the boat that takes you to the snorkeling spot will wait until you finish the activity. Snorkeling is a marine adventures that is so perfect to do when you visit Tanjung Benoa in a group with your friends or family. It can be even better because discount can possibly be obtained if you hire the service in a group like this. So, if you want to get a new experience in enjoying the various beauty of the sea, you may not forget to snorkel together with us.