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Glass Bottom Boat and Turtle Farm

For you who have a huge desire to enjoy the beauty of the sea in Bali but do not want to enjoy it directly by doing some water adventures that we offer, glass bottom boat is certainly a perfect choice. In this water adventures choice, you will be able to see under sea beauty without having to get in there. There is already a boat with glass bottom provided for you. Here, you will be able to enjoy under water views for about an hour. You can also try to attract more fish to come near you by using the special bread that we already provide. This journey can be even better for you because the characteristic of sea in there is so clear that it will never be hard for you to see the inside of it through the glass bottom of the boat. After you enjoy your time in enjoying the sea beauty by riding the glass bottom boat, next you will be taken to see legal cultivation of turtle in a place called as Pulau Penyu or Turtle Island, a place that is actually also decorated with the natural beauty of the sea and also white sand beach.

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