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Scuba Dive

Enjoying the beauty of the sea is better done by scuba diving instead of snorkeling. The ability of swimming is not actually needed in this water adventures, which is also known to be suitable for 10 years old and up. This water activity is rather easy to do. Moreover, there will always be an instructor assigned to help each of you. In following this activity, you will be equipped with complete diving equipment. Before diving, there will be a brief explanation about how to dive properly. If you are a beginner, the sea depth that can be explored in about 45 minutes is between 3 to 6 meters. While diving, you are allowed to give especially-made food for fish so that you can attract them to come nearer. Tanjung Benoa is full of beautiful undersea life, including colorful fish and corals that can of course relax your mind a bit. The price you pay already include; safe diving equipment, expert instructor, shower, towel, and others.

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