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Jet Ski

Jet ski can be said to be a water vehicle that looks quite similar to motorcycle. It is not only in design but also in the fact that acceleration is included in it too. This vehicle can be operated by twisting the hand powered throttle in order to increase the power of the jet ski. Even the way to operate it as well as its design is quite similar with motorcycle, riding a jet ski is so different. It is not only about the powerful drive power that can reach up to 700cc. It is also that you will be able to feel the breeze of sea water that is definitely so fresh. Here, you cannot really drive the jet skin on your own remembering the condition of Tanjung Benoa beach. There are quite a lot of boats docking and other watersport activities. That is why an instructor will always be assigned to guide you to avoid crash. There is no need to worry because this instructor will only take you to the spot where you can enjoy riding jet ski safely. When you get there, you can ride the jet skin yourself and the instructor will sit at the back as your ridership. You can tide jet ski for 15 minutes. When you ride it, try to crash some waves since it will bring you more adrenaline.

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