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Pandawa Marine Adventures has been established as the best water sports in Bali. We have taken over more than one hundred thousand people per year, including Indonesian celebrities and overseas movie stars enjoying Marine adventure here. All water sports activities are operated in Bali Tanjung Benoa beach near Nusa Dua Beach, it's about 10 minutes drive from Nusa Dua, 30 minutes drive from famous tourist area Kuta Beach, Legian and Jimbaran. We give you a very affordable price, Your Bali Holidays will not complete without trying Bali Marine Adventures: Parasailing, Banana Boat, Jet Ski, Fly Fish, Donut Boat, Big Marble, Scuba Diving, Glass Bottom Boat to Turtle Island, Snorkling, Sea walker, Water Fly Board, and Dolphin watching tour. If you are looking for fun, you have come to the right place! Our Marine Adventures will get you as close to the water as you want to be! Refresh your mind with Pandawa Marine Adventures.

Opening Time

Sunday - Saturday

08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Tour Program

Flying Board

When you feel bore about the common water sport, water jet pack seems to be a good one for you to try because it can be said to be one of the latest water sport types. In doing this activity, you will be guided by expert not only in using the jet pac. . . .

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Sea Star Walker

In Bali, sea walker is another water adventures that can be chosen in order to enjoy the fascinating beauty of under the sea besides snorkeling or scuba diving. The idea that is brought in this activity is walking on sea floor by using special equipm. . . .

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Wake Board and Wa

Wake boarding may not be a type of marine adventures that you have ever heard before. Even so, it is really a fun one that you really have to try it even just for once. In this water adventures, you will ride a wakeboard on the water surface and this. . . .

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Glass Bottom Boat

For you who have a huge desire to enjoy the beauty of the sea in Bali but do not want to enjoy it directly by doing some water adventures that we offer, glass bottom boat is certainly a perfect choice. In this water adventures choice, you will be abl. . . .

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If diving is an activity that you really cannot do, snorkeling is really a good alternative. In this activity, you only need to do skin diving by wearing diving mask and also snorkel to help you breathe. Other than that, you need to wear fin so that . . . .

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Scuba Dive

Enjoying the beauty of the sea is better done by scuba diving instead of snorkeling. The ability of swimming is not actually needed in this water adventures, which is also known to be suitable for 10 years old and up. This water activity is rather ea. . . .

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Big Marble

Another new marine adventures that you can enjoy in Tanjung Benoa is Big Mable. In this marine adventures, a speedboat is also needed to pull the boat, on which people will sit and feel the rocking sensation. The number of people can enjoy this game . . . .

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Fly Fish

Fly fish that is meant here is of course not fly fishing activity. Instead, it is the latest watersport in which a flat inflatable boat is pulled by a speed boat that it flies. Of course, there are two people riding this boat in lying down position w. . . .

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Jet Ski

Jet ski can be said to be a water vehicle that looks quite similar to motorcycle. It is not only in design but also in the fact that acceleration is included in it too. This vehicle can be operated by twisting the hand powered throttle in order to in. . . .

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